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Sweating and body odour

Sweating and body odour

Category: Tips for staying fresh Published on 17 August 2014
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Causes of sweating and body odour
  • Nerves and anxiety: When People feel stessed they tend to sweat and this type of sweat often causes the worst kinds of body odours.
  • Hormonal imbalances. During menopause, women experience hot flashes which cause a rise in body temperature, which in turn produces excessive sweating. This is due to a drop in oestrogen levels.
  • Beverages: alcohol and coffee tends to cause more
  • Drugs: receational drugs and certain medications such as analgesics and overdose of thyroid medication also produce more sweat.
  • Spicy food: heavily spiced foods also increase body heat and cause sweating.
  • Low blood sugar: when the body’s sugar levels drop, sweating can occur.

Banish body odour
  • Shower twice a day, to wash away sweat, the bacteria that that feeds off the sweat and their waste products that cause unpleasant odours. It is recommended that you use a shower gel/ soap that agrees with you and that you scrub all body parts well with a shower lily/scrubby thingy
  • Use an aluminium free deodorants immediately after a shower. Deodorants eliminate odour (but do not stop sweating). Antiperspirants are not recommended as it is important that your body is able to sweat otherwise waste products that need to be eliminated are kept under the skin leading to spots etc.
  • It goes with out saying, but you gotta change your socks, underwear and clothes daily, wash, scrub and dry your body and especially your feet thoroughly.
  • smelly-stinky-socks
  • Dry your feet thoroughly after showering and powder between your toes.
  • Wear cotton socks and underwear as they absorb moisture better.
  • If you have trouble with sweaty feet, use a shoe deodorant and rotate your shoes. Try not to wear the same pair two days in a row.
  • Wear natural fabrics such as linen and cotton when it is hot or humid, this helps your skin to breathe.
  • Try relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation to help reduce stress levels.
  • Watch what goes into your body.

Have you ever noticed how some people don’t smell bad even if they’re sweating? It’s because they eat clean foods and avoid those that cause odours.

Body odour is a rather touchy subject for many of us. We spend hundreds of dollars on perfumes and deodorants so that we can smell better and prevent sweating. However we must understand that we’re on the wrong track by “preventing sweating” which is an important function of the body.

Sweating is absolutely necessary in order to cool your body and expel toxins from your system, and when you use antiperspirants to block your pores, you’re inviting ill-health and disease. Instead of focusing on artificial ways to reduce body odor, look to the foods you eat to smell good and stay fresh as a daisy all day long.

To help you do this, here’s a list of foods to avoid and why they make you smell bad.