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Category: B4U Published on 17 August 2014
Written by Super User Hits: 3621
Here is what people who use Better4u say:


I bought the orange and mandarin cream which I found very light and smooth on my skin. I find my other creams far too heavy and leave me with a dragging tight feeling especially in the delicate eye area.


I’ve been in south-west France for the summer and first of all I had to wait for my son to forward the sample from our home in England! That said, I wanted to tell you how fantastic I think your product is. Though it seems counter-intuitive to put on a deodorant as a cream, it works. We’ve had temperatures up to 41 degrees here this month and your product has done its stuff. As a breast cancer survivor I am acutely conscious of avoiding products with parabens and aluminium so I was thrilled when I read your advert in the Tenby Observer that my Tenby-born husband gets on subscription.



One question: would it be possible to fill an old roller-ball deodorant container with the Better-4-U cream? It might make it easier to apply when I’m in more of a hurry to go to work!!


I would like to order the full product now that I’ve almost finished the sample – I really like the orange and mandarin that I kept for myself (I gave the Tea Tree sample to my son as he is also very conscientious about additives)


The deodorant works so well. My children had started using deodorant and I searched around for aluminium free ones which I found for a while but then I noticed that aluminium had been added the next time I went to buy it. Anyway your deodorants work so much better and for much longer. It works out to be excellent value for money and I am really delighted with it.Most sincerely and with very many thanks and good wishes


I travel a lot and my wash kit was bursting with a shave gel, after shave, face cream, body lotion, deodorant now all I need is one pot to replace all those product....


I've been looking for an aluminium free deodorant for ages, I think the search is finally over, thanks.


I smell good and it doesn't leave white marks, can't ask for more than that.

Better4u; 3 Main St; Pembroke; Pembrokeshire; SA71 4JS Tel: 01646 680444: 0800 688 9015


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