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Why I started B4U

Category: B4U Published on 17 August 2014
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On Monday 13th September 2010 at 6 am my father Sattar Leghaei passed away in a hospice in Ealing, I was annoyed with myself for not being there, but relieved for him as he did not have a good time the last few months of his life. He had been diagnosed with cancer less than a year before, the cancer was inoperable and he went downhill very quickly.

I remember being sat in a really hot ward in Ealing hospital, my dad was in agony as the last dose of morphine was wearing off and the nurse came along to give yet another sickening dose of morphine, to temporarily numb his senses again. As he went into a state of semi consciousness I was sat by the side of his bed with my son on my lap, I remember thinking how unfair it was that Leo was losing his only living grandfather.
I decided that moment there was no way I was going to allow anybody to see this happen to me, I was going to do my best to find out the best ways of staying as healthy as possible for the rest of my days and that I wanted to be there for my children, grandchildren and great grand children.

Soon after I was surprised to learn at a Tony Robbins seminar that Aluminium in antiperspirants and deodorants has been linked to Cancer and Dementia which SCARED ME SILLY. I had been using these products for over 20 years and decided I had to change immediately.
I always feel a lot of compassion for people with Dementia and their families, so I decided as soon as I got home I would start searching for alternatives. The first product I tried was Stik Rok, but when I read the label it said Ammonium so that also contains Aluminium right??? So I tried a few other and they felt like glue on my body...NICE!!!
So I decided to experiment and make my own. I tried bicarbonate of soda, which worked but was very itchy. I tried mixing it with some body lotion, which worked but was still a but itchy and also gave my wife a bit of a rash under her arms (I was not very popular when that happened).

I read what was in the lotion bases and didn't really like it so I started to make my own in our kitchen much to Clare's annoyance (as I can be a bit messy and Clare has tidiness OCD).

After a few years trying different recipes I finally came up with our most recent, based on Zinc Oxide, Wheat germ oil and Cocoa butter, it work amazingly well. Leo and I work very hard in karate training and sweat to the point where our clothes are soaked through and miraculously we still stay fresh...YES :-). Even my wife Clare who has always managed to find something she could complain about the previous deodorants I have made is happy with it.

We would love hear your opinions on our deodorants and lotions. We'd appreciate what you like about them and if you can think of any further improvements please let us know.


Pk Leghaei BDS M Clin Dent

Founder of